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Ring ring?

Ring ring?

Tinnitus :P  

No. This isn't about a Roman emperor or that 90s sitcom. Those were both called Titus! They have nothing to do with the Tinnitus I experience. What I am talking about is the result of my Labyrinthitis and beyond my vertigo that I experience daily, the ringing in my left ear (and only sometimes on the right) is driving me mad. Severely bonkers at times. 

So many cures, so little time

There is nothing I can do to change it as much as I would like some magic pill or some combination of standing on my head and tapping my head with my fingers crossed... no seriously, people think that this type of shit works... For instance, the Reddit Tinnitus Cure (Suspect already with the reddit mention) that really does not work. Take my word for it. Don't strain your fingers or waste your precious seconds doing this "cure". If it worked, your doctor would have told you about it already. ;)

What mine sounds like

There is a video that I found that sort of has the same sound I experience around 28 seconds in the following video:


Absolutely distracting. I read a hopeful post a few months ago that said they have a tinnitus very similar to mine, they have had it so long that they just got used to it. I can't wait to get used to it. No really. I do.

Hearing loss

The tinnitus was obviously caused by my hearing loss in the left ear. Losing my hearing in my left ear was just one of the other effects of my labyrinthitis. It's not easy, but I do have my one good ear and even a glass eye in a dog's ass can see that I manage just fine with only one ear ;P 


It's estimated that the number of the U.S. tinnitus population (in 2008) to be 29.7 million people.


Why the complaining post?

Not sure why. I am simply so frustrated with the ringing in my ear that I had to write about it and get it out of my head (ha! funny!). I have to put it out into the ether and hope it blows away. Maybe I am hoping that you are just like me and are just as frustrated as I am with the ringing in your ears. Maybe, just like me, you will reply to this post, putting it out into the ether, and tell me you know what it's like, that it sucks, and in that empathetic cathartic expression we can both find some comfort in the fact that you and I are both 1 of 30,000,000 in the U.S. eligible to answer the call and say “Hello.”

Thanks for reading... thanks for replying.

Hey, Dad!

Hey, Dad!

Hey, Mom!

Hey, Mom!