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Story Chasers

Story Chasers


It's been a year since the first time I went. I went again today. As we sat and discussed a writing a prompt, I made a mental note to write about it tonight.

The Story Chasers

I am in awe. Watching this woman... She is so intuited with her words and direction. I feel so far from it. She tells us "It's okay to feel that way." and I just go with it the best I can. This woman has an extraordinary sense and desire for telling "The story" and finding the added spice and direction we all have in us but rarely understand how to access. I must seem like a child watching some adult cook; I watch in amazement as I am asked to help add salt and chop onions. I add what I can when I can, but I don't feel like I am contributing all that much.

Same team! Same team!

We are engaged with a few writing prompts to explore what we are “most comfortable with, disturbed by, and inspired by” and as we begin the first exercise I immediately flashback to school and assume that I am not "getting it" or that I am "going to do it wrong" or worse... fail. And then this wonderful voice says "We all do that! We all feel that way." and I am reminded that I am among friends and with people looking to improve their own process of writing. I hear another voice say "Same team! Same team!" and I know it to be mine. 


As we progress through the exercises I am amazed at how well crafted the exercises reveal themselves to be. They build upon one another and show a thoughtful depth that helps me see a deeper ability I had not explored before. I am not much of a fiction writer and the exercises really explored that area of writing, so I was completely out of my element as usual. 

Not a happy ending

Not having a happy ending is apparently a good thing here! I found myself creating a character impacted by his wanderlust, becomes gay, his lover dies, he moves to Nebraska, and his mother (who has alzheimers) calls to remind him of what a horrible son he is. The End. As strange as it sounds, it was wonderful to write with my new character "Edwardo" and discover “his” story and watch it unfold under my fingers in a living room table in suburbia. Just wonderful... But I feel so bad for Edwardo.

The End.

In the end, we discussed meeting once a month for the next 3 months and bring the projects we are working on for each other to review and discuss. I don't have one... Yet. 


If you're interested in joining the writing party: Here is a link

Hey, Dad!

Hey, Dad!